About Us

Alto Cloud Solutions is your IT department in the sky.

Alto Cloud Solutions brings a team with over 40 years combined experience in IT service and support. Our qualified individuals hold industry leading certifications across multiple technology domains. This allows us to apply best practices in every solution we offer!

What is the cloud? And why should your business make the transition?

Our primary objective is to facilitate businesses in their transition to the cloud. The cloud allows business to use remote servers hosted on the internet to store, manage, and process data, rather than a company using their own computers and servers. Businesses choose to use Alto Cloud Solutions to help them move to the cloud for many reasons.


Alto Cloud Solutions understands that security is priority number one. Storing and managing your own data can be cumbersome and complicated, but it’s not easy to hand over that responsibility to someone else. You can trust that we will keep your data and sensitive documents well-organized and safe from attacks and corruption.

Lower Operating Cost

Alto Cloud Solutions offers subscriptions to enterprises who use their service. Businesses no longer need to purchase large, network equipment, nor do they have to have a staff on board to operate and maintain complex machinery.


IT is all we do! Our entire staff is comprised of highly trained engineers, developers and designers with 40 years of experience solving problems. It’s our job to keep your business protected, optimized and running smoothly.


With more and more commerce occurring on the web, it’s critical that your business doesn’t fall behind. Stay ahead of the game by implementing the latest, best in class software for collaboration, data security, cloud computing, and various Software as a Service (SaaS) options.


We offer all of this as a service, rather than foisting the machinery, and manpower onto your business. You pay for one or a combination of our services on a monthly basis via a service level agreements (SLA), and in return you receive top tier, round-the-clock assistance with any IT related issue. We use the latest, cutting edge software technology to ensure that we provide exactly the cloud service your business requires.


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