Collaboration and Email

Make it easier for your employees to work together by offering premium collaboration tools and rich, organized email platforms.

Work Together

Alto Cloud Solutions values collaboration as a means to problem solving and improved work flow. Whether that means two or more employees who need to combine to get a project finished, or an employee and a client who need to identify a solution to a particular technical issue, working together in an organized, efficient way eliminates drag and increases success rates.


Alto Cloud Solutions recognizes that ordinary email is like a boring to-do list. With our sleek, modern designs, we are able to turn an otherwise stale email platform into a functionally rich environment, making it easier for employees to manage tasks, communicate ideas and meet deadlines.

Here are some of the benefits you get when you use Alto Cloud Solutions for your business’ collaboration and email functionality.

  • Alto Cloud Solutions specializes in collaboration technologies for businesses dedicated to empowering their workforce, eliminating friction between collaborators, and streamlining innovation.
  • We offer best in class Instant Messaging using Skype for Business, Cisco Jabber, and Cisco Spark, which means users with similar technologies can collaborate with each other inside or outside of the organization.
  • Enabling services such as Point-to-Point video calling, multi-party web/video conferencing, and remote screen share, users will be more productive than ever before.


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