Desktop as a Service

A cloud hosted virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) with enterprise level service and support.

Desktop as a Service (DaaS)

  • Provide a consistent, secured desktop experience for your employees from any device.
  • Save time, and money by accessing the desktop in the cloud.

Alto Cloud Solutions offers Desktop as a Service (DaaS), a cloud hosted virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) with enterprise level service and support. By using DaaS, your business does not incur the expenses associated with an infrastructure buildout, such as time, labor and hardware. Instead, what you get is increased control, better performance and enhanced security around the clock. DaaS is an excellent solution for small- to medium-sized businesses who need a lightweight method for their employees to have access to company desktops from any device, at any time.

By using DaaS, users get the benefits of a customizable desktop like they are used to, while we deal with everything from data storage, security, backups and upgrades.


DaaS also has built in backups to the cloud, so that if an employee’s laptop or phone is lost, stolen or damaged, the company data is virtually unaffected.


Users are protected from malware and botnet attacks by virtue of the virtual desktop, but they are not invincible. If a user visits a malicious site, or is otherwise hacked, administrators can pinpoint the root of attack and quickly resolve the problem.


Virtual desktops provide a consistent environment for employees to interact with one another, reducing the learning curve and making it easier to roll out updates, troubleshoot and make improvements.


Sweeping updates and improvements to the virtual desktop can be implemented quickly and efficiently by virtue of the fact that the users access the desktop via the cloud.


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