Security Everywhere

Protect your business from attacks by crawlers, hackers and botnets.

Security Everywhere

A traditional business security solution for a small business is using a firewall at the corporate office. With the evolving threats that exist today It’s not a matter of IF you’ll be attacked but WHEN. These attacks are normally not targeted events towards a specific business and there isn’t a single firewall that can stop them. Our security practice has evolved with the times and we utilize anti-malware agents that know when malware enters, exactly what file(s) it touches, so we know how to remediate when an attack occurs. We build upon that at the edge and block known malware before it touches your infrastructure.

Our multi-layered Security Everywhere practice has been built to give our customers an affordable, comprehensive security solution from 1 user to thousands.

Security Layers

Alto Cloud Solutions takes security from a layered approach, with multiple leading security providers we can implement a comprehensive security solution for virtually any size business in less than a day. Our product suite, enables us to monitor network activity, pinpoint and defend against attacks, and ensure that company data and communications are secure. We provide multiple layers to defend against things like ransomware, malware, botnets, and viruses. This intelligent Security Everywhere solution is constantly updated to battle the ever-evolving field of malicious attacks.

The Network

The network is the backbone of every modern business. The drive for extra capacity and capability, increased security, and the pressure to keep costs low, demand a new standard of network provision – from a new breed of provider. Alto Cloud Solutions managed Security Everywhere embraces everything from straightforward, point-to-point connectivity and full network design, to enhanced communications systems and cutting edge security. We are your IT department, and with that in mind, you can focus on your core business knowing that your communication infrastructure is in great hands.


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Pennoni, a civil engineering company, was experiencing malware problems that were bogging down their network and decreasing productivity, while opening them up to infections. Their appliance-based approach was failing because all of their remote traffic was passing through one point, leaving them exposed and vulnerable. Installing more appliances was out of the question due to their high cost, so they decided security needed to be taken from a different approach.


Anti-Malware agents are lightweight, making installation and dynamic changes a breeze, and it works from anywhere like a coffee shop, your house, or the office, without putting strain on the network itself. What’s more, the same technology could be used by employees in the field on their own devices, and back at headquarters on company computers. They noticed an immediate decrease in infections, from a handful every day, to one every few days.