Telephony as a Service

Ensure clear and secure lines of communication by using VoIP. Place calls wherever there’s an internet connection without sacrificing productivity.

The Alto Cloud PBX is an enterprise Voice over IP (VoIP) communications service that is delivered to your business via the internet. This is a great, cost-effective solution for small to midsize businesses especially with multiple locations or remote workers. Our customers love the fact that their monthly phone bill is predictable with no long distance fees, no additional fees for configuration changes, daily monitoring and backup of the phone system, and monthly software updates.


With our Cloud based hosted phone system you can rest assured that your Cloud PBX will always be in service and constantly up to date. With your system secured in our Cloud there’s no need for an on site technician to make configuration changes!

On Site

For customers that aren’t ready for the cloud, we understand! We offer the same solution on premise with many benefits that a traditional PBX can’t offer when paired with our PBX support package! This support package includes daily monitoring, backups, and configuration changes for a year.

Phone lines are down? Not a problem.

With VoIP, you can enjoy added flexibility and mobility, knowing that you can place calls wherever you have an internet connection. And, since VoIP allows you to place calls and use applications on the same device, you can be more productive with your time than ever before.

Open lines of communication are critical to the productive flow of information for any business, and when those lines go down, business comes to a screeching halt. Let us enrich those lines of communication so that you can get on with your work, prepared for any occasion.

Our Cloud hosted phone system includes all telephony charges! Cut the bill with your traditional service providers for POTS lines or PRI and utilize our resilient Cloud to avoid outages.


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